Privilège 580 Signature

Length : 18.65 meters
Shipyard : Privilège Marine (France)
Naval architect: Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group

As for the 510, Privilège Marine has of course entrusted Darnet Design with the design for the flagship of the new “Signature” range.

The refined interior design of the Privilège 580 “Signature”, evokes many superlatives as the aesthetic research has been pushed down to the finest details.

The design of the innovative owner’s suite, which offers direct access to the forward cockpit, reflects the maximum comfort available on this top-of-the-range catamaran, a paragon of luxury on the sea, with the most contemporary simplicity.

On board, light is everywhere, for a unique visual experience. The harmony of colours sublimates the space and freedom offered by this distinguished sailing yacht with exceptional performance.

When the galley is discreetly installed in the passageway, the nacelle becomes a proper lounge, for better relaxation, and always with style.




37, quai de Versailles

44000 Nantes - France

Tél.: +33 2 40 08 06 37



37, quai de Versailles - 44000 Nantes - France

Tél.: +33 2 40 08 06 37

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